I joined the Maine Adventures team for an incredible journey on the Allagash Waterway in June 2019. I’ve never done anything quite like it, so wasn’t sure what to expect… It turned out to be awesome! Craig and team did a great job preparing me in advance for what I needed to think about and bring. Every small thing and concern was addressed. After driving to the northern edge of Maine, we launched! Of course, the nature and beauty was unbelievable. Hard to describe. We only saw a few other people from a distance the entire time, and we saw moose! The diving and swimming in Allagash Falls was an adventure like no other, that most people can’t imagine – let alone experience themselves. Amazing! Everything was well thought out – the incredible meals everyday, the routes we took, and all the campsite essentials. I am NOT a seasoned camper or canoe’er, but that’s OK! A little preparation and a team like Craig’s will make this the trip of a lifetime. Go for it! – Patrick Bogan, June 2019

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