Sebago Lake – Tours

Did you know Sebago Lake is the 2nd largest lake in Maine, covering 47 square miles (8 miles wide, 12 miles long). It is also the deepest in Maine (316 feet, which is 49 feet below sea level). It is especially noted for its incredible water quality and clarity.

The Indian word Sebago means “great stretch of water.” Another definition of Sebago is “salmon.” Both meanings have their place as this large lake contains the prized catch: landlocked salmon.

On our tours you will view beautiful scenery, wildlife, amazing lake front homes, as well as find opportunities to swim in crystal clear water and snorkel (bring your gear) viewing large underwater rock formations.

Anchored at Pebble Beach, so-named by the family

Click here for a Google Map of the Sebago Lake area including the connected waterbodies and sharing the proximity to Portland (located at the bottom right of the map).

To enable you to experience this great lake and the connected waterbodies we offer tours via:

Click on the above to learn more about our Sebago Lake tours.

We know that a tour of Sebago Lake is but one aspect of your Maine vacation. As such, we are happy to provide a list of accommodations and activities on the north and east sides of the lake, for your consideration. Click here to learn more.


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